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1. Weddings

Congratulations on your Engagement!

‘Planning the special day’ – this can be an overwhelming task but with my advice and professional service, plus the added recourses I have provided below it will be MUCH easier than you thought and a lot of fun too.
Your wedding day is a day you will want to remember forever. A Civil Wedding allows you the freedom to hold your Ceremony anywhere you like. The ideal location for your wedding ceremony in Melbourne would be your favourite park, beach, headland or garden etc. The time sunrise to sunset – it’s your choice.

What I Provide

Choosing a Wedding Celebrant is a very important decision. When meeting with a Celebrant you should feel a connection. The Marriage Celebrant should be warm, approachable and sincere, please feel free to contact me and we can have an obligation free chat.

I will attend to all legal paperwork.
I will create your personalised, individual Ceremony.
I will provide everything necessary for the Ceremony.
PA system – ensuring every word is heard by your guests.
Music may be played through my PA.
I will Solemnize your marriage according to Australian Law.
I will register your wedding with Births Deaths and Marriages.

The Ceremony – What It Should Contain

The Ceremony will take approx 30 minutes and must include:-

Legal element from the Marriage Act – spoken by the Celebrant.

Marriage commitment – repeated after the celebrant – no need to memorise.

The Ceremony may include:

Up to 2, this will give your ceremony some balance and help set the mood. (may be read by family member or friend or Celebrant)

The Giving Away
Optional. This is generally done by both or one parent or a family member/ close friend.

The Asking
I will ask you, if you take one another as husband and wife. The answer being “I do” or “I will”.

The Ring Exchange
There may be just one ring – for the bride, this is personal and completely your choice.

Declaration and Kiss
Declaration of marriage.


There are many gorgeous and meaningful rituals such as:

~ Sand Ceremony
~ Butterfly Release
~ Dove Release
~ Ring warming
~ Hand fasting

There are many options and including one of these can add dimension to your ceremony


2. Renewal of Vows

Re-newing ones vows is truly a heartwarming occasions for couples to undertake.  It is an ideal way to acknowledge the achievement of noticeable milestones in their marriage as they reaffirm their commitment and devotion to one another by way of this wonderful ceremony.
This private ceremony demonstrates couples undeniable faith and beliefs in the true spirit of a Marriage.

1st   Wedding Anniversary — paper
5th   Wedding Anniversary — wood
10th Wedding Anniversary — tin
15th Wedding Anniversary — crystal
20th Wedding Anniversary — china
25th Wedding Anniversary — silver
30th Wedding Anniversary — pearl
35th Wedding Anniversary — coral or jade
40th Wedding Anniversary — ruby or garnet
45th Wedding Anniversary — sapphire
50th Wedding Anniversary — gold
55th Wedding Anniversary — emerald or turquoise
60th Wedding Anniversary — diamond


3. Commitment Ceremony

Commitment ceremonies are a public proclamation of the feelings shared by two people who love each other, providing them with an opportunity to have a meaningful ceremony, surrounded by family and friends.
The ceremony is conveyed without gender or religious bias. They are not legal “weddings”, but are nonetheless an authentic commitment by the two people involved and are carefully planned and written – including a statement of commitment/ vows, ring exchange, readings and or rituals plus music. Plus anything else desired, there are definitely no rules.


4. Baby naming

A Naming Day is a wonderful way of welcoming and honouring the life a child, and gives recognition to the name chosen for this special little being.
The birth of a child is truly a blessing and one of the most exciting experiences a couple will ever have. Celebrating this day with family and friends, is ideal for introducing their child to the most important people that will surround her/him in their lives.
Parents will be presented with a beautiful Naming Certificate as an official document to remember the occasion.